Michael Jackson Estate Targeted by IRS Shocking Tax-Cheating Allegations

Get the right tax advice or this could happen to you.



Recap of 2013 Tax Law Changes

Every year, the early tax season chatter begins. Will there be any changes to the child tax credit this year? I heard I can’t claim my son because he turned 17? Are they still giving $1,000 per child? My son went to college this year, can I still claim him?

As the season matures, the questions change? I received this K-1 from an energy company and don’t understand what all these letters mean? Or we sold a second home, what will the tax implications be? I inherited money from my mom’s estate, will that be taxable as income? Of course it all depends.

You absolutely need to make sure the tax return is done right or else you’ll receive that dreaded IRS letter. And if you do, call me and i can assist you. It’s often not as bad as it appears and sometimes it’s simply not correct and can be easily amended. 

Tax laws change every year and can be very confusing. You need to speak with an experienced professional. In the event you are not confident on your own or unhappy with your large and impersonal national preparer, Please contact me. 

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Get Ready for Tax Season 2013

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